is the transformation of a written document from one language to another

Scientists conducting medical research

Medical and Pharmaceutical

We provide translation services in several specialist fields. If you have a medical document that requires translation, it is crucial that you entrust it to an experienced, specialised translator because this can be one of the trickiest subject areas to tackle.

Content aimed at healthcare professionals can be incredibly niche and complex while, on the other end of the spectrum, materials targeted at patients need to be easily understood by a more general audience. And of course, accuracy is paramount – even the tiniest mistake could have huge ramifications for product safety, quality or usage.

We here at Word of Mouth understand the importance of all this, and have finely honed our medical translation skills over the past decade. In fact, there’s not much we haven’t seen in our time – from patient test results and journal publications to ICFs, SPCs, PILs, MAs, SAE reports, and any other acronym you care to mention – so you know your translation will be in good hands!

Languages: English, Italian, French, Chinese, and more


As members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, we abide to a strict code of professional conduct. Privacy is an important consideration in medical translation, which is why we guarantee complete confidentiality and will always flag any potentially sensitive information (such as a patient’s personal details) that may appear in the translation.

Scientific publications

Clinical trial documentation

Drug information leaflets

Medical device manuals

Correspondence with health authorities


Patient records

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Technical and Engineering

Technical translation can present a number of challenges: the content tends to be highly advanced, written by and for subject experts, and full of specialist terminology with an emphasis on facts and figures.

A successful translation therefore requires excellent background knowledge, research skills and attention to detail, all of which we have been able to acquire and develop over the past decade by translating documents such as specifications, safety inspection reports, and user manuals. We also strive for clarity and readability in our output – if you’ve ever tried to read poorly translated assembly instructions, you’ll appreciate the fact that there’s more to technical translation than just having the right words!

Languages: English, Italian, French, Chinese, and more
Technology and engineering


Civil engineering

Mechanical engineering



Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance process involves using an independent expert proofreader to double check our translations (with your permission, of course), alongside dedicated QA software to guarantee the consistency of numbers, units, and things like that. Very useful for documents with lots of tables and measurements!

Technical translation is a very broad (and often overlapping) area, so we may very well still be able to help out even if your particular field is not listed above. And, if all else fails, we can always tap into our network of qualified, trusted colleagues.

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Communication and team work in the business world


Communication lies at the heart of all business documents, whether they’re training materials, HR procedures or annual reports, and it is this principle that guides us in all of our corporate translations services.

We will use unambiguous, professional and natural language to convey your message, while also bearing in mind any relevant cultural considerations and sensitivities. And we appreciate the fact that you might have a lot on your plate and that our translation is just one part of a longer process, so we promise to always deliver on time and provide a stress-free, seamless experience.

Languages: English, Italian, French, Chinese, and more


Every company is unique, from its public image and voice to internal acronyms and department names. Therefore, we will stay in close contact with you throughout the translation process to make sure we’ve understood all the nuances of your document correctly, especially for public-facing material.

Corporate procedures

Audits and inspections


Training and e-learning


Newsletters and magazines

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Are you looking to expand your business to other countries? Then you’re going to need somebody who speaks the lingo!

Potential customers will find it far easier to connect with your brand if you communicate to them in their language, so having your marketing materials professionally translated is by far the most effective way to capture new markets.

We here at Word of Mouth are experienced in translating a wide range of marketing content across a variety of media. We are highly sensitive to the nuances of our respective mother tongues and cultures and this, coupled with our flair for creative writing, means you will never end up with a stilted, word-for-word translation or cultural faux pas.

Languages: English, Italian, French, Chinese, and more
People interacting at marketing meeting
Website content

Product sheets and catalogues


Market research questionnaires and OEs

Blog posts and social media content

Why translate your website

English is by far the most widespread language on the internet, so if your website isn’t already in English then that should definitely be at the top of your priority list. And if you’re an English-speaking company, that’s no excuse to be complacent given that 80% of the world’s population does not speak English. In either case, research has shown that 76% of online shoppers prefer to buy products with information in their native language, while 40% will never buy from websites in other languages. That’s why relying on professional translation services is a must for businesses of all sizes.

[Source: Can’t Read, Won’t Buy – B2C]

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Gamers playing and interacting

Video Games

An additional service we are able to offer (thanks to Lee) is specialised Chinese to English video game translation.

What initially started out as being a fun sideline quickly expanded to become a major area of our work, and we’re very glad it has! Video game projects require an enormous degree of creativity, fluency and attention to detail to maintain consistency and capture the player’s interest throughout the game, as well as strong background knowledge of video games in general. Fortunately, these are all areas where we shine!

The genres we typically work on are those that are most popular in China – MMORPGs and MOBAs – and for which English translation is essential in launching the game to a global audience, but that’s not to say our skills and expertise can’t be applied to other language combinations or game genres. We have experience handling some truly gargantuan, long-term projects that have entailed close teamwork and daily communications with developers, so level up your next translation and choose us as your next supplier!

Languages: English, Italian, French, Chinese, and more

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